Cooperation- The Client(s) shall assist and cooperate with the Photographer in obtaining the desired photographs, including but not limited to specifying persons and/or scenes to be photographed and taking time to pose for photographs at the Photographer's direction. The Photographer shall not be responsible for photographs not taken as a result of the Client's failure to provide reasonable assistance or cooperation.


Hair & Makeup- Hair and makeup are included with session fee. Under the circumstance that session is cancelled by any fault of client after hair and makeup are completed, Lindsey Cole Photography shall not be held responsible and no refund/replacement service will be given unless purchased. Hair and makeup appointments will be organized by the photographer. It is the responsibility of the client to communicate any requests or desires for their appearance. Failure to communicate will not place fault on Lindsey Cole or the makeup artist.


Cancellation Policy- In the occasion that Client needs to cancel, cancellation must be made 24 hours prior to session start time otherwise Session Fee will not carry over to rescheduling of session and will not be refunded for any reason.


Weather- In the occasion that weather is not permitting, photographer reserves the right to cancel the session up to 1 hour prior to start time. It is the client's responsibility to be available for rescheduling of the session. Session fee will not be refunded for weather complications or for any reason. In the event that weather causes issues during the session, photographer is not to be held responsible. In case of this, rescheduling is not guaranteed or included unless agreed by photographer or session duration is less than 1/3 of regular session duration.


Location- Sessions including multiple locations are restricted to locations within 20 miles of each other. Lindsey Cole Photography specializes in Natural Light Photography; location must be either outdoor or well-lit with natural light. Please note that venues or locations may charge a fee for photography, which will be at the client’s expense. Specific restrictions may apply. Client is liable for their own presence in each location. Location shooting time as well as travel time must be accounted for in session duration. Desired locations must be discussed prior to session date. Not all locations will have available changing facilities.


Location Confidentiality- Photographer and Client(s) will travel to various locations, whether they be well-known or not, discussion of these locations is prohibited; including but not limited to, in-person disclosure, location tagging of any type on social media, ect.


Unforeseen Circumstances- In the event that an unforeseen circumstance, including but not limited to; an act of God, misfortune, disaster, ect. occurs while Photographer and Client(s) are working, traveling, ect., each individual will take responsibility for their own presence in the circumstance. Photographer is not liable for Client’s safety. If either party is uncomfortable in a certain situation or location, that party is responsible for communicating this. Photographer agrees to avoid any known situation in which Client(s) is/are not comfortable with.


Final Images- Client(s) is/are not granted rights to any RAW images of which have not been processed by the Photographer. Photographer reserves the right to decide upon the number of acceptable photos to be displayed at viewing and ordering appointment or delivery.  Post processing of images includes basic retouching of images. Basic retouching includes adjusting lighting, contrast, and coloring,  eliminating obvious blemishes, minimal fly-away hairs, ect. Basic retouching does not include things like physically changing body shapes, altering clothing/hair/makeup, removing or adding people or objects from the photo, ect. Extensive retouching of skin, beauty marks, hair, ect. may be available for an added expense. Photographer is not to be held responsible for any styling or cosmetic issues of any party involved. Parties involved are to be responsible for being satisfied with their own overall appearance. All images are to be edited and retouched in the aesthetic of Lindsey Cole Photography,  including but not limited to, posing, lighting, or editing. Final images to be reviewed at viewing and ordering appointment are to be selected by the Photographer. Digital images will be delivered via online download. It is the client's responsibility to download all images promptly. Gallery will expire after 10 days and is not guaranteed to be available after the 10 day period.


Payment- Session fee payment to the photographer is subject to the photographer’s time and expertise; payment to the photographer is required whether or not expectations are met. Photographer reserves the right to cancel or end session at any time for any reason. Payment remains due even if session is cancelled or ended before expected end time. Session fee is non-refundable. Session fee does not include digitals and products; digitals and products are sold separately unless specifically specified by photographer (i.e.- sales/promotions). Payment for digitals and products is due at the time of viewing and ordering appointment and is non-refundable. Any and all discounts may be applied to final  purchase at viewing and ordering appointment only. Only one discount may be used per session.


Viewing and ordering appointment- Viewing and ordering appointment is to take place approximately 1 week following initial session. It is the client’s responsibility to follow up and be present at the appointment. Photographer will allow an online appointment only under special circumstances. A minimum of 10 digital images must be purchased with order. Collections are available as well as a la carte options.  Additional prints/products may be purchased up to 1 week following viewing and ordering appointment. If no images are purchased at viewing and ordering appointment, images will be purged within 24 hours of appointment/send date. 


Copyright Law- The copyright of photographs remains with the Photographer. The Photographer grants Client(s) permission to make copies of the images for personal use only. Sale, Publication or any Commercial use of the photographs is prohibited without permission and credit given to the photographer. Clients are prohibited to alter, edit, or change the images in any way, including but not limited to: photo filters, excessive cropping, ect.

Model Release- The Client(s) grant the Photographer and its legal representatives, heirs and assigns, the irrevocable and unlimited consent to use the photographs of the Client(s) for editorial, competition, advertising and any other purpose and in any manner, to alter the photographs without restriction; and to copyright the images. The Client(s) hereby release the Photographer and its legal representatives, heirs and assigns from all liability and claims in connection with the images.

Digital images and products are not included with the session fee. see Investment guide for full pricing and packages.