professional third wheel & story teller


Hi! I'm Lindsey, owner and lead photographer of Lindsey Cole Photography. I would like to think of myself more than just someone with a fancy camera, and more along the lines of a professional story teller. My job is my passion. I'm waiting for the day when they can create contacts that are little magic cameras in your eyes so I can document every little moment in my lifetime to look back on. I truly value this art, not because it's just so much fun for me, but because of the importance it holds in my personal life as well as each and every person that I have the pleasure of having in front of my lens.


To me, every click is so much more than just a pretty photo, but a memory that can come back to life. Maybe that's just when you're feeling nostalgic, maybe that's on your first wedding anniversary, or maybe that's when you've lost a loved one and that photo is all you have left. These aren't just new profile pictures to share to the world or little pieces of paper in your hand, but these are memories that you will have forever to look back on. With that being said, I take my job very seriously, to be the person in charge of documenting these precious memories. I hope that we can get to know each other as more than just photographer and client and rather as friends. I hope that my awkward stances and getting mud all over my clothes, essentially doing anything to get the perfect shot, is all worth it to you in the end when you have these little moments forever.

So let's chat, tell me about yourself, your story, and what I can do to ensure that you will be able to remember this day just as it was, for the rest of your lives. 


Specializing in love stories &  weddings